Book 1: Fall to Eden

Book 1: Fall to Eden

Dominion Over the Earth Book 1

By Katherine Padilla

Loved by the son. Pursued by the father. Selected by the planet-spirit.

Benefactor or invader? Messiah or anti-Christ? Descendant of God or emissary of Satan? Alien emperor Tohmazz Zarr is on a mission to save his nation from extinction and has found new followers on Earth. While Earth prepares for invasion by Zarr’s enemies, Latter-day Saint Sara Alexander defies her parents and the leaders of her church to join a colony led by world-renowned organizational psychologist Dr. Benjamin Carroll, whose goal is to create Zion on an uninhabited planet named Eden.

Before Sara leaves Earth, her father reveals that they are from the planet Novaun and gives her his arelada, the mysterious crystal that makes telepathy possible. Devoted to Dr. Carroll’s son, Sara is unaware that Carroll, himself, has developed an attraction for her. Sara’s relationship with Carroll ignites passion that throws the colony into chaos. When Eden’s planet-spirit begins reacting violently to what it perceives as the colonists’ unrighteous behavior, even Sara’s Novaunian knowledge and arelada may not be enough to save the colony from destruction. Intended audience: Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Read a sample.

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Katherine Padilla

Katherine Padilla

The Last Days’ quest for Zion promises to be so glorious, so challenging, and so extraordinary that stories speculating on it in a literal way have difficulty doing it justice. Apply a generous dose of fantasy, and what results are faith-based novels by Katherine Padilla that will transport readers to a harrowing but hopeful alien future.

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