Through many decades of writing, studying, and reading widely, Katherine Padilla has developed resources to help readers find novels that tell the truth in a wholesome, entertaining way. These vital aids include insights into why clean reading is important, information about a successful book group, and a list of hundreds of clean reads.

For a General Faith-Based Audience

Photo of Fairlington Presbyterian Church with cherry tree in bloom in the foreground

My Favorite Clean Fiction

My Clean-Reading Criteria

Clean Reads for Adults, Teens, & Children

Great Books Group Reading List

Great Books Group Information

Wholesome Literature—A Realistic Choice

What About Doctrinal Differences?

For Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Photo of the Philadelphia Temple with red-leafed maple trees in the foreground

The Power of the Word

Delicious Literature to Nourish the Soul

Intelligence and the Art of Homemaking

The Yardstick for Measuring Literature

Classic Culture

Women and the Priesthood

Great Books Group Constitution

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