Novaun Novels at is a book blog created by author Katherine Padilla for adults and teenagers. The name “Novaun Novels” is synonymous with the name “Katherine Padilla” wherever it is used on the website, and so are the pronouns “I” and “me” and “my.” Novaun Novels exists solely to entertain and inform, and you use the content provided at your own risk.

I don’t believe that any of the books I recommend on Novaun Novels would be, in general, inappropriate for or inaccessible to youth ages thirteen and older. I base my opinion on this list of Timeless Classics published by the National Endowment for the Humanities back in 1995, but I urge parents to preview the books they recommend to their children to ensure those books meet their own standards. I don’t include any books on my youth lists that aren’t specifically marketed as Juvenile or Young Adult books by their publishers, unless otherwise noted. A book I label “Juvenile” is one its publisher targets to children under the age of 12. A book I label “Young Adult” is meant for youth 12 and up. I base these designations on industry standards.

I don’t solicit or accept review copies of books written by others, and I find the books I recommend through normal channels available to readers in the United States. I do not act as an affiliate for any book seller. Aside from the small royalty I receive when I sell one of the books I wrote, I receive no financial compensation for recommending any of the books referred to on Novaun Novels.

I am the sole author of all original text on Novaun Novels, and the opinions offered are mine and not that of any other person or organization, unless that person or organization is quoted directly, with a citation or link to the source quotation.  

I do my best to ensure that all book quotations on Novaun Novels are either in the public domain or are short enough to fall into the category of “fair use.” I am careful to present the quotations I use in a positive light, and while I concede that I can never understand completely what an author’s intention may have been, I will never intentionally twist an author’s meaning to make my own point. I seek only to provide insights about the books I spotlight in an effort to encourage others to read those books or to inform readers about details they can expect to encounter. I have no desire to bash authors or to present their work in any kind of misleading way.

I display many book covers on Novaun Novels in an effort to interest readers in the books and to make the site more visually appealing. Aside from resizing images to be compatible with the website’s layout, I don’t alter the book cover photos in any way, post their images on any other platform, or use them to make new images.

I don’t, generally, provide links to the authors, publishers, or sellers of the books I recommend, but I do try to match the publishers’ descriptions of the books with their corresponding book cover images. All book descriptions provided by publishers are set off with quotation marks. I may abridge a book description, use a word or two in brackets to enable a smooth transition, or combine its paragraphs, but I don’t alter the content in any other way.

I believe that all licensing requirements set forth by content creators should be honored, and I am committed to providing licensing information for every photograph or image I use on Novaun Novels, with links when possible, unless the artwork showcased is old enough to be in the public domain. Occasionally I put this information in the photo’s caption, but generally, I put it at the bottom of the page or post the photo appears on. Credits that should appear on multiple pages are located in the footer.

Here are links to the licensing information for several of the websites that provide photos for Novaun Novels: NASA, Pixabay,

The books I recommend adhere to “My Clean-Reading Criteria,” which is a list of standards that I created to sort through the books I read. I do my best to adhere to these parameters, but I can’t guarantee that my interpretation of them will be the same as users of Novaun Novels. “My Clean-Reading Criteria” is provided as a gauge, not a guarantee that any of the books I recommend will be “clean” according to the expectations of users of this site. Moreover, I don’t indefinitely track every book on my list, so I can’t guarantee that every edition of the books listed will meet the parameters, nor can I make the same guarantee for translations of original texts, since they can vary widely.

Where possible, I list the translations I have read. Novaun Novels provides links to supplementary material that I believe is wholesome and helpful, but I can’t guarantee that the links won’t be broken or changed, or that they will be considered wholesome and helpful by those who use the site.