Christmas Play

‘Tis the Season to Go on Strike
The neighborhood moms refuse to do Christmas, and the neighborhood dads refuse to stand for such an outrage. In an effort to mend injured feelings and bring happiness back into the holidays, the neighborhood youth secretly plan a Christmas day dinner that’s destined to have the bang of a Fourth of July celebration.

Relief Society Programs

The Bond of Charity (Latter-day Saint)

Follow Jesus Christ through His ministry and come to a greater understanding of how closely we pattern our lives after His when we serve in the Relief Society.

Home, the Heart of Eternity (Latter-day Saint)

Take a tour of the homes that lie at the heart of our eternal existence and get excited about the part we play in creating Heaven on earth.

Let Us Follow the Light of the Lord (Latter-day Saint)

Explore the lives of eight women as they learn their individual roles in the Lord’s kingdom, rejoice in their families, take care of each other, and seek for the blessings of the priesthood.

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