This is our tentative list and schedule for upcoming books. In the past, I’ve only linked to free versions of the books. This year, if there isn’t a free version of the book available, I’ve linked the title to Goodreads.

2-6-20: Sheri Dew, Insights from a Prophet’s Life: Russell M. Nelson. (Latter-day Saint)

3-5-20: Katherine Padilla, Alien Roads. (Latter-day Saint)

4-3-20: C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man, The Great Divorce.

5-7-20: Elizabeth von Arnim, The Enchanted April.

6-4-20: Catherine Marshall, Julie.

7-2-20: Booker T. Washington, Up from Slavery.

8-6-20: Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

9-3-20: Louisa May Alcott, Eight Cousins, Rose in Bloom.

10-1-20: George Eliot, Silas Marner.

11-5-20: Corrie ten Boom, The Hiding Place.

12-3-20: George MacDonald, Sir Gibbie, a.k.a. The Baronet’s Song. There is a sequel to this book entitled Donal Grant, a.k.a. The Shepherd’s Castle.