Book cover of Twin Witness to Betrayal, by Katherine Padilla, published by Novaun Novels
Book 2: Twin Witness to Betrayal

Heirs of Novaun Book 2

By Katherine Padilla

Foiled in its covert attempt to gain an unending supply of arelada, Earth’s Zarrist empire determines to go after it by force. By all appearances Earth’s Director of Intelligence, Sanel King, has lost control of the Royal Twins, but even as Novaun celebrates the return of the twins, it reels with the information that King may be its most notorious criminal–a telepathic genius believed to be dead.

Paul and Deia Doshyr learn about their tragic family past and discover they may have been witnesses to their father’s murder. As they work to adjust to Novaun’s telepathic culture and become part of extended families they don’t remember, young Novaunian anthropologist Miaundea Quautar fights her attraction for the Earthon traitor Dr. Ton Luciani while seeking to unravel the mystery of why he came to Novaun. General faith-based speculative fiction.


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Map of Novaun
Map of Novaun


People of faith of all ages have yearned for the peace and refuge that is Zion. Mix that longing with a generous dose of fantasy, and what results are faith-based novels by Katherine Padilla that will transport readers to a harrowing but hopeful alien future.