Heirs of Novaun and Dominion Over the Earth are independent series that don’t require knowledge of the other to be enjoyed. Despite the fact that they are different in approach and intended audience, they are set in the same universe. For more information on how these two series are different and why, please see my FAQs page.

Most of the events in Heirs of Novaun and Dominion Over the Earth take place during periods of time regarded by the Holy Empire of Earth as the Dark Months, the Dark Years, and the Years of the Divine Emperor.

The Dark Months (December, January, February, March)

This period of time begins when Admirals Nexyun and Jaxzeran invade Earth. This event occurs in Fall to Eden (Dominion 1). All of the events of Alien Roads (Dominion 2) take place during this time period.

Fall to Eden
Alien Roads
Alien Roads

The Dark Years

This six-year period is chronicled in Day of Liberation (Dominion 3). Admiral Sutuzav invades Earth during the final year of this period, also known as “1 Before Liberation.” Each year runs from April to March.

Day of Liberation

Years of the Divine Emperor

The Day of Liberation on April 1 marks the official beginning of the Divine Emperor’s reign on Earth. The first year is called “Year of the Divine Emperor.” The second is called “Year of the Divine Emperor 1” and so forth.

The Double-Edged Choice (Heirs 1) begins in Y.D.E. 19.

The Double-Edged Choice

Twin Witness to Betrayal and Travail of a Traitor (Heirs 2 & 3) take place during Y.D.E. 20.

Twin Witness to Betrayal
Travail of a Traitor

Most of Bond With a Terrorist (Heirs 4) takes place in Y.D.E. 21.

Book 4: Bond With a Terrorist