Since I’m always looking for something to read, I love book lists. I’ve compiled most of my book lists, in fact, as much for my personal use as for the benefit of others. The first is made up of titles I have read, liked, and that meet my criteria for determining the wholesomeness of literature. I add to this list from time to time and keep a running total of how many titles it contains.

My Favorite Clean Fiction
My Clean Reading Criteria

I compiled the next two book lists many years ago to use in conjunction with mini-classes I taught.

Clean Reads for Adults, Teens, and Children
American, British, and World Classics

Since 2006, I’ve been a part of a book group dedicated to reading “great” books. A list of the books the group has read follows; many of them are classics. Unlike my other lists, this one contains links to where free copies of the books are available on the web. For more information about the Great Books Group, please see the page I’ve devoted to it

Great Books Group Reading List 2006–2020