Book cover of Alien Roads, by Katherine Padilla, published by Novaun Novels
Alien Roads

I’m excited to announce the publication of Alien Roads, the second novel in the Dominion Over the Earth series, in print, epub, and Kindle. I’ll have to admit that I shed a few tears when I held the proof of this one in my hands. It took me thirteen years to get an ending on it and another three years to get it to this point. There were times I wondered if it would ever be done!

Like Fall to Eden, I wrote Alien Roads to appeal particularly to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Recognizing that some readers who aren’t members of my church may be curious to experience my alien brain untamed, I tried to explain as much Latter-day Saint terminology as I could in the story itself. I was careful, however, not to make these explanations intrusive, because I hate that sort of writing. For that reason, I also provided a slightly updated version of the glossary I included in Fall to Eden to explain both religious and fantasy terms in an effort to help readers understand the story better.

I also updated my “Frequently Asked Questions” page with these new questions:

  • Where does the name “Novaun” come from?
  • I’m confused. How are the Heirs of Novaun and Dominion Over the Earth series connected?
  • I’m still confused. Given the fact that Heirs of Novaun and Dominion Over the Earth overlap in some major ways, why are they so different in approach and intended audience?

I’m sure you’re wondering whether it will take me another sixteen years to get the third book in the Dominion series into print, epub, and Kindle. The answer is a definite NO! I’m thrilled to tell you that 2019 has been a very good writing year for me and that I’m about five chapters away from putting an ending on Day of Liberation. I would love to promise that it will be available in 2020, but that will all depend on all of the post-writing tasks that need to be done—work that I can’t completely control.

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