Mockup of the first 3 books of the Dominion Over the Earth series by Katherine Padilla, featuring Book 3, Day of Liberation

I’ll be publishing Day of Liberation, the third book in the Dominion Over the Earth series, in 2022. I’m very excited to make this book available to you. It’s my favorite of all the novels I’ve written. I love the story, and I adore the characters. In this novel, I explore themes that astonish and thrill me. Day of Liberation was always meant to be a love story, but it developed into something more—an extraordinary journey of a couple that answers questions I never meant to ask:

  • How powerful is a love that’s determined to be eternal?
  • How foundational are the purity and fidelity from which it springs?
  • Is such a love compelling enough to transform individuals? Cultures? Nations?
  • Is it indomitable enough to shatter even the most unrelenting efforts to destroy it?

Like Fall to Eden and Alien Roads, Day of Liberation is meant to be read by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who want a thought-provoking, fantastical novel that’s significantly different from most other fiction that has the label “LDS” attached to it.



If you would like to know where this book fits in reference to the other six novels I’ve published, please see the page I recently published entitled Chronological Book Order.