Day of Liberation, the third book in the Dominion Over the Earth series, is now available in print, Kindle book, and EPUB at many major retailers, including Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Kobo.

Fall to Eden, the first book in the Dominion Over the Earth series, is now free at major retailers in the Kindle and EPUB formats.

My books aren’t available in audiobook format, but if you’d like to listen to them, I suggest using text-to-speech. Some models of Kindle have this function, and so does Apple Books. If your Kindle reader doesn’t have this capability, I suggest downloading the EPUBs from Smashwords and opening them in a reader that has the ability to do text-to-speech, such as Play Books or Moon+ Reader Pro.

You can also read the EPUB in your chosen app, or email the EPUB to your Kindle reader or app. Since EPUB files can now be imported into the Kindle readers and app, there is no reason to buy/download a Kindle book if you already have the EPUB.

Just make sure you keep a copy of the EPUB before sending it to your Kindle, because Kindle will convert it to its own format. It will no longer be an EPUB once it gets to your Kindle, and you will lose the flexibility an EPUB gives you to read and listen to a book in various readers and apps.

Here are a couple of articles that give instructions on how to transfer an EPUB file to your Kindle:

How to Get EPUB Books on Kindle: The Ultimate Guide

How to Transfer EPUB to Kindle

And a video:

Kindle Finally Supports EPUBs!? How to Transfer!

If you occasionally transfer a personal document to your Kindle device or app, you should already be set up to do the same for an EPUB. If not, it’s worth the time and effort to learn this skill. The ability to put EPUBs on your Kindle will give you lots more reading freedom!